Lubricants & chemicals

We offer a range of high-quality Summit lubricants and chemicals, and the expertise to help you chose the best solution for your application.

Air Compressor

An air compressor is only as good as the quality of its lubricant. The operating temperature range, energy efficiency, maintenance cycles, and total machine life depend on pairing the right lubricant with your compressor. Don’t leave that process up to chance. Our experts and range of quality products give you the peace of mind that you have the right product and service plan in place.

Gas Compressor

Choosing the correct gas compressor lubricant for your specific application is crucial to your success. But it’s also challenging. The lubricant you start with reacts to the environment inside the compressor and changes, depending on the gas composition, pressures, temperatures and solubility. To get the right lubricant into the right application requires experience and expertise. Summit has both.

Food Grade

We have been relentless in our pursuit to create certified food grade lubricants that don’t sacrifice quality or come with a drop-off in performance. And everything we create has been fully, third-party certified as food grade approved, from the facility where we make the products down to the smallest particle in each lubricant.

Gear Lubricants

When it comes to gears, efficiency is what matters most. The continued trend is greater production from smaller gears subjected to ever increasing loads and higher temperatures. With this in mind, a key component to increased gear efficiency is the lubricant that keeps it operating. Summit’s specialty gear lubricants have been developed and formulated to not only keep a gear in operation but to enhance its performance and reliability.

Pump Oil

Summit’s series of pump lubricants offer specific solutions and superior performance for your pump application. Whether you are running a centrifugal pump, vacuum pump or blower, we have the lubricant for you.

Speciality Lubricants

Summit offers a series of specialty lubricants that don’t fit in our regular categories. Those include biobased food grade penetrating lubricant (EnviroTech® FGPL), air tool lubrication (Lubeair and Syngard), vacuum pump oil (PSV-22 and SHV Series), gas turbine oils, heat transfer fluids (Thermoyle HT), compressor cleaners (Varnasolv), and wind turbine cleaners.


Premium anti-oxidants in Summit greases provide excellent thermal stability and a blend of corrosion inhibitors extend the excellent anti-corrosion nature inherent of the thickener. This ensures long life of rolling bearings operating under severe temperature and high humidity.

Hydraulic Oils

Summit hydraulic oils are rust and oxidation inhibited to protect against rust, corrosion, wear and the formation of sludge.

The EnviroTech® line are environmentally responsible lubricants built for farm equipment and hydraulic systems operating under high load and high pressure. HyPar and HySyn products are compatible with seal materials normally used in hydraulic systems.