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We help people in manufacturing and construction with compressed air systems and service.

About Compressor Maintenance Co.

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Our extensive range of products come from trusted, industry-leading brands so you can buy with confidence. From air compressors, vacuum pumps, air dryers, filters and more, we offer the products and services needed to help increase productivity in the most cost-efficient manner possible.

Poorly designed and maintained compressed air systems, by some estimates, account for up to $3.2 billion in wasted utility payments in the United States every year.

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Air Compressors

Compressor Maintenance Co. has a wide range of reliable, high quality, energy-efficient & low maintenance air compressors. You can count on us for all your compressed air needs.

Compressed Air Treatment

Compressed air is not pure. The compressed air contains inherent impurities that are detrimental to the end application. We offer a wide range of Air Dryers, Filters, Separators, and other Pneumatic Accessories to ensure application specific air quality norms are met as per the ISO 8573 standards.

Compressed Air Accessories

Compressor Maintenance Co. offers reliable and genuine OEM parts & accessories for most major brands of Air Compressors, Vacuum Pumps, Storage Tanks, Condensate Management, Air Dryers and Generators at a reasonable cost. Our air compressor parts such as Heat Recovery, Lubricants, Valves, Belts, and Couplings, are designed to keep your compressor and vacuum systems running at peak performance and reduce the cost of ownership of your compressed air system.

Compressed Air Piping

Compressor Maintenance Co. offers aluminum compressed air piping for all applications. We install your new pipes on-site in a fast and professional manner.

Vacuum Pumps

Compressor Maintenance Co. carries a wide range of vacuum pumps. Our vacuum pumps are designed to handle some of the most demanding industrial applications.

Service & Parts

We provide maintenance, parts, and repairs for most makes and models of air compressor, air dryers, or other compressed air system components.

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